Istanbul Commerce University was established in 2001 by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Education and Social Services Foundation, and it has 6 faculties (Humanities and Social Sciences, Business, Law, Communication, Engineering, Architecture and Design), English Preparatory Department and 4 institutes (Foreign Trade, Social Sciences). Sciences, Sciences and Finance Institute) and research and application centers. Our university, which started with 73 students, continues its education life with 9 thousand students and nearly 300 academicians.



Capable of responding to the changing needs of our country, adapting itself to global trends rapidly; To be a modern university that teaches the human power it has trained as entrepreneurial, productive and qualified, with local and universal moral values, to behave freely and fairly and to take responsibility.


Able to carry out interdisciplinary studies, which are the requirements of the information age, without losing their academic flexibility; To take place among the leading academic institutions that take an active and decisive role in international scientific activities, befitting the name of Istanbul, whose prestige is accepted not only at the national level but also at the international level.