SAHA Istanbul nationalizes the brain and nervous system of smart machines

Another new attack in the National Technology Move, which is Turkey's domestic and national industry goal ... CNC Control Unit and Drive Systems, the main item of machine technology, can now be produced locally and nationally with the initiative of 11 SAHA Istanbul member companies. The initiative that will reduce Turkey's dependence on foreign countries in this area will also ensure that the current account deficit is closed significantly.

Turkey's National Technology Move, especially in the defense industry, is taking firm and firm steps forward. CNC Control Unit and Drive Systems, the main item of machine technology, will now be produced locally and nationally within 2 years. Partial embargoes applied to our country in the supply of 5-axis CNC control systems, which are needed both in the defense industry and in the civil sector and which are not produced in our country, have taken steps to produce an important product and system in Turkey.

Following the embargoes, studies for the indigenization of 5-Axis CNC Control Systems were initiated under the leadership of SAHA Istanbul, Turkey's largest defense and aviation cluster in Europe. SAHA Istanbul Secretary General İlhami Keleş stated that a detailed study has been carried out within SAHA Istanbul for about 1 year on CNC Control systems, which are considered to be the locomotive product for the machinery sector in the closing of the current account deficit and reduce our external dependency.

Explaining that MİLTEKSAN CNC Technology and Control Systems Industry Inc. was established as a result of these studies with the initiative of 11 companies that are members of SAHA Istanbul, Keleş said, “The established domestic company started to work for the development of a 5-axis CNC Control unit for the first time in our country. In this initiative that will support the National Technology Move; In addition to 11 companies specialized in their fields, Prof. Dr. Yusuf Altıntaş and Prof. Dr. Engin Kılıç and Yavuz Murtezaoğlu also took part as consultants, ”he said.

Will reduce the current account deficit

This initiative, which basically aims to mobilize the machinery sector of our country and contribute to the closing of the current account deficit, will ensure that the new generation CNC control unit, which will be developed in conjunction with the concept of digital transformation, will be produced with completely domestic facilities by using innovative approaches and modern technologies.

Saying, “Thus, the initiative will be able to compete on behalf of our country with new generation CNC units on a global scale,” İlhami Keleş said, “With the short titles Akım Metal, BCD Teknik, Bites, Melina Aero, Mobilgi, Pavotek, Simsoft, Simularge, SolidCNC, Usel Makina and WAT Motor. This initiative, which is excited to develop products that will make our country proud, was incorporated on July 13, 2020 and took the first step in developing a new generation 5-axis domestic CNC control unit in line with 2023 goals. MİLTEKSAN, acting with the approach of a techno-entrepreneurship (start-up) company beyond the traditional, aims to enter the market with the completion of the first prototypes in less than two years and looks forward to bringing the new generation control units to the industry of our country ”. 80 personnel, 14 of which have doctorate degrees, will work at MİLTEKSAN.

SAHA Istanbul Secretary General İlhami Keleş stated that thanks to the way this initiative will lead to developments in many areas such as domestic servo systems, high precision drive systems, guide elements, spindle and drives, robot control units, which are needed in the CNC Machine and Robot sector of Turkey, will open the door. .