Yucel Makina Hydraulic Press Man. IND. Trade. Co. Ltd. has been serving to Turkey’s and the world industry for 30 years . With its experience and manufacturing plant supplying goods in requested mould dimensions, Yucel Makina has been exporting 30 countries. We provide you with not only constant and problem-free manufacturing areas but also with goods of high quality and authorized service staff.

Our firm’s manufacture is managed with ISO quality management system. With its mission to realize the projects enabling the increase in manufacturing capacity and responding to the requests and problems of our valued customers, Yucel Makine continues to manufacture patented products and work on R&D. Pioneer in its industry in Turkey .Yucel Makina’s manufacturing mindset is to specialize in exclusive projects in addition tos standard manufacturing.

Hydraulic Form Press

Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press / HP-DCP

Hydraulic Rubber Press / HP-LP

Hydraulic Melamine Press / HP-MP

Hydraulic Polyester Molding Press, SMC, BMC / HP-PKP

Hydraulic Refractory Press / HP-RP

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