Pruva kalıp sistemleri san. ve tic. a.ş.

After serving for many years with a European-based company, in 2014, as Pruva Automotive, it started to produce Sheet Metal Molds, Sheet Forming, Sheet Metal Mold Design, Mold Manufacturing, Special Machinery, Apparatus and It was established to provide services based on 26 years of technical and field experience in Project Management.

The main field of activity of Pruva Automotive is Sheet metal mold sector.

As Pruva Automotive, our principle is to provide fast, high quality, innovative and result-oriented solutions to our customers at every stage from product design to mold manufacturing by closely following technology and trends.

“Pruva Automotive's main field of activity is Sheet Metal Mold sector.”

3D Scanning and Measurement

Process & Feasibility

Product design

Mold design

Mold Manufacturing

Heat Shield Mold Design and Manufacturing

Transfer Finger Design and Manufacturing

Control Fixture Design and Manufacturing

Part Mass Production

Under Press Works / Assembly / MAP

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