The first foundations of PQ Hidrolik company started its operations in 1980 with a different company identity in an area of 500 square meters in Bayrampaşa Emintaş Industrial Site. The technical and manufacturing activities that started under the leadership of Ahmet Şaban Ekmen, one of the founders, have gained an important place in the hydraulic sector. The company specializes in the design, production and sales of many industrial and mobile hydraulic products such as hydraulic systems, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps and valves.
However, it has been a pioneer in many fields, having successfully completed Tübitak projects, with a number of manufacturers that cannot exceed the fingers of one hand.
In 2002, the company moved to an area of 1200 square meters in İkitelli Eskoop Industrial Site due to its growing business volume. In 2022, it continued to grow by moving its production activities under the name of PQ Hidrolik to an area of 6000 square meters in Deliklikaya Teskoop Industrial Site.

PQ Hydraulic has a respected position in the sector with its quality products and the importance it attaches to customer satisfaction. It has achieved success by exporting 90% of its production with a 99% localization rate. The company's size and success have contributed to its recognition as a leading company in the hydraulic industry.

We will continue to offer the best solutions by constantly following innovation and technology. We are working to be recognized as a leading company in the field of hydraulic system solutions worldwide and to realize domestic and national production with many of our projects and to provide employment for our country.

Akıllı Fabrika Sistemleri (Smart Factory Systems)

Eklemeli İmalat Ekipmanlar, Yazılımlar (Additive Manufacturing Equipment, Software)

Endüstriyel Nesnelerin İnterneti Platformu (Industrial Internet of Things (ioT) Platforms)

Robot, Otomasyon, Ekipman, Yazılım ve Yönetim Sistemleri (Robot, Automation, Equipment Software and Management Systems)

Denizaltı Platformları (Undersea Platforms)

Havadan Hafif Hava Araçları (Lighter-than-Air Platforms)

İnsansız Kara, Deniz ve Hava Araçları (Unmanned Land / Sea / Air Vehicles)

Lojistik, Destek ve Gözetleme Kara Araçları (Logistics, Command and Surveillance Land Vehicles)

Lojistik, Destek ve Gözetleme Uçakları (Logistics, Support and Surveillance Aircraft)

Muharip Uçaklar (Combat Aircraft)

Su Üstü Harp Platformları (Naval Combat Sea Surface Platforms)

Su Üstü Lojistik ve Destek Platformları (Logistic and Support Sea Surface Platforms)

Tanklar ve Muharip Kara Araçları (Tanks & Armed Vehicles for Land Forces)

Birlikte Çalışabilirlik Standartları (Interoperability Standards)

Emniyet Sistemleri (Safety Systems)

Sistemlerin Güvenilirliği ve İdame Edilebilirliği (Reliability and Maintainability of Systems)

Havacılık Ekipman Ve Malzemeleri (Aeronautical Equipment and Supplies)

Havacılık Uzay Dökümleri, Demir Dışı: Alüminyum Hariç (Aerospace Castings, Nonferrous: Except Aluminum)

Havacılık Yatırım Dökümleri, Demirli (Aerospace Investment Castings, Ferrous)

İleri İmalat Teknolojileri (Advanced Manufacturing Technologies)

Proje Yönetimi ve Takibi (Project Management and Control)

Üretim İmalatı için Teknikler ve Sistemler (Techniques and Systems for Production Manufacturing)

Araştırma ve Teknoloji Yönetimi (Research & Technology Management)

4 Eksenli CNC Makine (4 Axis CNC Machine)

Freze (Milling Machine)

Honlama Makinesi (Honing Machine)

Kılavuz Çekme Makinesi (Tapping Machine)

Taşlama Makinesi (Grinding machine)

Füze Sistemleri - Su Üstü Hedeflere Karşı (Missile Systems - Anti Surface (Sea))

Motorlu Uçak (Motorized Aircraft)

Uçak Filyoları, Uçak Motoru (Airfoils, Aircraft Engine)

Uçak Motorları Üzerinde Araştırma ve Geliştirme (Research and Development On Aircraft Engines)

Uçak Parça ve Ekipmanları (Aircraft Parts and Equipments)

Motorlar Ve Motor Parçaları, Güdümlü Füze (Engines and Engine Parts, Guided Missile)

Roket Motorları, Güdümlü Füzeler (Rocket Motors, Guided Missiles)

Kumandalar (Controls)

Yapısal Kullanım Amaçlı Akıllı /Fonksiyonel Malzemeler (Smart/Functional Materials for Structural Uses)

Yapısal Malzemeler - Eklemeli İmalat (Structural Materials - Additive Manufacturing)



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