As Poloptech, we aim to provide the optical component needs of private companies and institutions in our country at the highest quality, nationally and locally. In addition to optical production, our other major goal is to contribute to the development of the optical industry in our country by providing support and consultancy services to companies and institutions in need on optical issues within our experience.

Poloptech was established with 100% national capital and has undertaken to work with all its might to make our country take greater steps in the field of optics.

As Poloptech, in addition to meeting all kinds of optical component needs, we also provide services in the design, production, integration, maintenance and testing of optical systems.

Fotonik/Optik Malzemeler (Photonic/Optical Material)

Optik Bileşenler ve Cihazlar (Optical Components & Devices)

Optik Tasarımı (Optical Designs)

Satellite Cameras

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