Plastmet Kalıp started its mold manufacturing activities in 1992 in Ümraniye, Istanbul, under the Plastmet Group of Companies. In order to increase the mold production capacity, it moved to Sancaktepe in 2004 and to the Anatolian Side Organized Industrial Zone in Tuzla in 2011 and finally to its own molding factory in Tuzla Anatolian Side Organized Industrial Zone again in 2014. It provides plastic injection mold manufacturing services to all sectors, especially in the automotive industry, with a 100-person mold shop in a closed area of ​​5.000 m2 and a plastic injection staff of 70 people. High-quality offering to customers at affordable prices Plastmet Mold, in Turkey and in the world, has become one of the major recognized names in the industry molder. It provides 120-150 mold manufacturing services annually to its customers in the European Countries, America and Asia and Africa continents. Maximum mold weight capacity is 25 tons. With more than 20 years of experience, especially in the automotive industry, it successfully fulfills the mold making service of the highest quality visual parts.

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