Plaskar Plastik was started the servis in 2004 in Kayapa Industrial Region as automotive subsupplier with 2 injection machines. Plaskar Plastic serves for automotive industry with its TS 1694 9 certificate and new investments. The company renamed as Plaskar Plastik A.S. at 2010. Our company continue to the activities in 7500 m2 factory site with 25 high quality Europe Injection Machine (between 100 tonnes and 1000 tonnes). The plant serves to their customer with 8 bienjection machine which tonnages between 125 and 1.000 tonnes for Increase the diversity in injection ability and demonstrate the injection power. Plaskar offers service as a supplier customer oriented with a young and dynamic team who have the experience in tool management and injection process. The goal is to satisfy the customer demands correctly and in the earliest time.

Plasatic Injection

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