In the wake of various attempts and intensive efforts, PETLAS produced its first tire in 1989, and never looked back. Adopting the concept of “Safe Tire,” PETLAS products undergo tests in line with international standards at its tire-test center. Besides, R&D specialists ceaselessly work in computer-controlled labs in order to achieve better and better. Implementing Total Quality Management model in every single department, PETLAS overcomes any problem thanks to support of its employees, and thus the policy of constant improvement is spread all around the plant. PETLAS products are in more than 90 markets, European countries above all. Pursuant to corporate vision, PETLAS got on global markets with an approach based on R&D, technology, management and marketing, and gradually increases its market share.

Aküler, Uçak Pervaneleri (Accumulators, Aircraft Propeller)

Tekerlekler, Uçak (Wheels, Aircraft)


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