PAVELSİS is the spinoff company of PAVOTEK, which has been designing and producing electronic products for years. “Know-how” on R&D and production issues that have been increasing and accumulating in PAVOTEK since 2003, advances PAVELSİS in terms of competence. Our most important competencies include embedded designs (microprocessor, arm-based processors, FPGA), power systems, communication and control unit systems. With our approach that always keeps quality ahead, we complete the design processes above the expectations of our customers. With our approach that always keeps quality ahead, we complete the design processes above the expectations of our customers. Our company acts with the vision of the company, which offers the best electronic original solutions in the Defence, Aviation, Telecom and cyber security sectors, and invests in our success, which is our greatest value.
PAVELSİS has carried out many successful projects in the fields of electronic and embedded systems such as avionics systems, military electronics and communication systems, biomedical solutions, power electronics, internet of things. In this process, it has brought competencies that have strategic importance such as servo motor technology suitable for use in aerial platforms to our country. In addition to this, it continues to overreach technology transfer with numerous R&D projects and produce unique solutions. We have the ability to design for complex problems in a short time via PavOS which is the large number of modular software and hardware libraries developed by our engineers with our real-time operating system. We carry out the entire process, which consists of design, production, testing and certification stages, in full compliance with the challenging military and avionic quality standards.
Thanks to the experience and competencies, we have gained in this process and the ability to produce solutions consisting of electronic and embedded systems for all kinds of needs, and we are expanding our capabilities with the works we have started in areas such as Cyber Security and Biomedical technologies. Our vision is to be a pioneer of rapidly developing technology in the world and thus contribute to our country, society and economy.

Sistem Mühendisliği ve Entegre Sistem Tasarımı (Systems Engineering and Integrated Systems Design)

Havacılık Ve/Veya Havacılık Mühendisliği (Aviation and/or Aeronautical Engineering)

Araştırma ve Teknoloji Yönetimi (Research & Technology Management)

Gereksinim Tanımlama (Requirements Capture)

Elektrik/Elektronik Tasarım (Electrical/Electronic Designs)

Uçak Kontrol Sistemleri, Elektronik (Aircraft Control Systems, Electronic)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Internal Communication System

Ground Communication Interface Unit

Flight Control System

Supersonic Uav Flight Control System

Interface Blanking Unit


Flir Control Panel

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