PARSAN Makina Parçaları Sanayii A.Ş.

Parsan is located in two plants Pendikİstanbul (120.000 m² total / 28.000 m² closed area) and Dilovası-Kocaeli (300.000 m² total / 66.000 m² closed area),
producing components since its foundation in 1968. Together with Parsan, sister forging company Omtaş and iron
& aluminium casting company Döktaş (Güriş Industrial Group Companies) are owned by Çelik Holding and Güriş
Group respectively. Güriş Group also holds %50 of Asil Çelik which supplies most of the raw material requirements.
Parsan is an integrated steel forging and machining plant, producing forging parts between 1 kg – 400 kg, in
various length and shape, from its existing facilities for forging, heat treatment, special machining, die production
and assembly shops. In automotive sector, within the framework of body parts, Parsan product range include rear
axles shafts with and without flange, front axle beams and front axle assemblies; and within the framework of
engine parts, include crankshaft, camshaft, forged pistons, steering knuckles, rods, pinion forgings, various gear
forgings, spider gears, slip shafts, other products and assemblies. Parsan produces these parts for the major light,
medium and heavy vehicle (OEM) manufacturers in Europe. In aviation sector, the product range include forging
parts made of different materials like aluminium, titanium, stainless steel and inconel; in agricultural and
construction machinery sector, also include axles, steering knuckles, excavator, crane and drilling engine parts. In

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