Civtek Cıvata, the product range of which includes all sorts of cold worked standard screws, bolts and nuts from 3 mm to 27 mm, has the capacity and ability to produce all sorts of special couplings upon customer requests. Having one of the largest factories established in Turkey with the annualcapacity of 40.000 tons, the  group increased its capacity by 50% with the factory activated in 2012 in Malatya. The group that has the sufficient infrastructure for the production of sectoral couplings for the industries such as the automotive, white appliances, PVC, furniture, energy transfer lines, construction and machine industries etc. exports to 35 countries. Our firm, the quality of which has been certified with the ISO 9001, ISO16949, ISO14001, EN 14399-1:2005, EN 15045-1:2005 and OHSAS 18001 certificates represents Turkey successfully in the national and international fairs.




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