CILTUG INC. workshops location is 220km far away from Iskenderun Seaports and 280km far away from Mersin Seaport by highway. It is also close to Central Anatolia and Southeastern Anatolia regions.
All workshop fabrications, heat treatments, machining, sand blasting, painting works are carried out by our technical personnel at our Heavy Machinery Factories which has capacity 5,000ton for hydro mechanical works and 10,000ton for wind tower and frames works.
In addition, TEKTUG Elektrik Uretim Inc. is an affiliate company of Ciltug Group. TEKTUG Inc. is interested in energy investment and has eight licenses for total capacity of 150,3 Mwh of hydroelectrical power plants. Eight numbers of Hydro-electrical power plants in capacity of 150,3Mwh are producing electricity.
Tektug Inc. has also completed Wind Energy Power Plant (WEPP) in Sincik/Turkey for total capacity of 27.5MW.
As it would be seen at the attached reference list, CILTUG INC. has significant number of main clients in those sectors inside and successfully completed a lot of contracting works both in Turkey and abroad including technological fabrication &erection of industrial plants and premises.

For Hydroelectric Power Plants (Fabrication and erection works ;
• Spillway radial gates with flap with hydraulic lifting equipment and stoplog gates,
• Power intake fixed wheel gates, trashracks and trashrack cleaning machines,
• Penstocks (high pressurized pipes), expansion and flexible joints for transmission and power lines,
• Bifurcations, trifurcations and multiple branch-pipes for power lines,
• Bottom outlet sliding gate valves, jet flow gate valves, radial gates,
• Butterfly valves with counterweights and conical valves, Howell Bunger valves,
• Spiral case and stayrings, draft tube, elbow and cones, inlet pipes,
• Head Covers, bottom rings, gate operating rings and regulating rings for wicket gates for turbines,
• Turbine housings and pit liners for Francis, Kaplan and Pelton Turbines,
• Distributors, collectors and manifolds for Pelton Turbines,
• Stator frames, rotor spiders, upper & lower brackets for generators,
• Power house overhead cranes and gantry cranes,
For Wind Power Plants;
Onshore Equipment Productions:
• Steel Wind Towers, Anchor cages and Foundation rings,
• Rotor houses and Bearings,
• Stator structures and Main Base frames,
• Generator brake discs and brackets & Stator plates,
• Turbine blade hubs,
• Mechanical internals & platforms c/w kit sets, Electrical and mechanical internal accessories
installation with plug-in connection to the wind generator at the erection site.
Offshore Foundation Equipment Productions:
• Tripod,
• Tripile,
• Monopile,
• Jacket,
• Gravity based structures,
• Floating structures,
• Turbine Transport Frames,
For Thermal Power Plants with Heavy-duty Simple and Combined Cycle Gas Turbines;
• Housing and frames for thermal steam and gas turbines, Steel welded constructions,
• Pressurized vessels, steam boilers and boiler anchorages and boiler platforms,
• Petroleum storage and flow process tanks c/w instruments and accessories,
• Cryogenic tanks and accessories.
For Cement Factories;
• Cylindrical Links and shells for Kiln,
• Silo, hopper and cyclones,
• Conveyor Lines,

Defence Industry;
• Main Power Production Equipment. Tools and equipment procurement,
• Steam Turbines & Gas Turbine&Diesel Machine components,
• Modül & Base Frames,
• Power Group Shaft system and components,
• Mooring bed and propeller shaft ,
• Hydraulic Shaft couplings and bearings,
• Marine equipment and vessel doors.
• High capacity Motor and reduction frames.

4 Eksenli CNC Makine (4 Axis CNC Machine)

5 Eksenli CNC Makine (5 Axis CNC Machine)

Borverk Makinesi (Borverk Machine)

C Eksen Torna (C Axis Lathe)

Delik Delme Makinesi (Hole Drilling Machine)

Kılavuz Çekme Makinesi (Tapping Machine)

Y Eksen Torna (Y Axis Lathe)

Düşük Alaşımlı Çelik (Low Alloy Steel)

Paslanmaz Çelik (Stainless Steel)

Yüksek Alaşımlı Çelik (High Alloy Steel)

Yapısal Malzemeler - Şekillendirme (Structural Materials - Forming)

Yapısal Malzemeler - Talaş Kaldırma (Structural Materials - Materials Removal)

HEPP Project

WEPP Projects

Infrastructure Projects

Submarine Design

CNC Machine


Nuclear Equipments

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