Founded in Izmir in 1955, Cevher has made its name by producing engine parts (cylinder head, manifold, engine bracket, brake cylinder, pump body), which was a first in the Turkish casting industry, and has grown in a short time, attracting the attention of automotive giants, becoming a school in the field of aluminium casting. Today, it is a well-established supplier that produces aluminium alloy wheels using the low-pressure casting method to the leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) customers of the automotive industry. The wheel production takes place in the factory located in Izmir Aegean Free Zone since 2003, which is established on a total area of 44,000 square meters, and 2 million wheels are produced annually. More than 90% of the wheel production is exported. Cevher conducts projects with CAS, CAD, CAE, FEA and casting simulations for product design and development while using CAD/CAM and CNC technologies for mold design and production. In line with the growth strategy, investments are being made in the new factory area of 34,000 square meters in Izmir Aegean Free Zone. Within this scope, in addition to the aluminum alloy wheel, Cevher is giving a start for automotive axles and chassis manufacturing and the company will be able to meet all kinds of customer demands, in terms of aluminum casting for the new generation vehicles, which will be manufactured in both factories.

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