CET A.Ş. Was established in 2018 by Ömer Güven in Teknopark Istanbul in order to reduce the dependence on the aviation and defense industries. Its sole purpose is to develop domestic performance epoxy systems that reduce dependence on strategic products abroad. In a short time such as 6 months, it has localized the products used in 5 different platforms in the defense industry and started mass production. As a result of our founder’s efforts to produce value-added and know-how products, Turkish engineers working in world-famous brands in epoxy and composite sectors CET A.Ş. under the umbrella of the local systems are working with a great motivation for the development. Interpreting the dynamism of young people and the experience of experienced consultants in its unique harmony, CET A.Ş. As previously rated domestic product produced in Turkey started to produce composite sector in Turkey with Turkish engineers and solution of labor in the sector is expanding with each passing day gamine products according to the demands of the public.

Elektrik Motorları (Electric Motors)

Teknik Tekstil (Technical Textile)

Giyilebilir Teçhizatlar (Wearables)

Havacılık Dökümleri, Alüminyum (Aerospace Castings, Aluminum)

Havacılık Uzay Dökümleri, Demir Dışı: Alüminyum Hariç (Aerospace Castings, Nonferrous: Except Aluminum)

Gaz Türbinleri (Gas Turbines)

Radar Soğurucu Malzemeler ve Kaplamalar (Radar Absorbing Materials and Coatings)

Radar Soğurucu Yapısal Malzemeler (Structural Radar Absorbing Materials)

Epoksi Reçine (Epoxy Resin)

Üretan Reçine (Urethane Resin)

Vinilester Reçine (Vinylester Resin)

Zırh Sistemleri (Armour Systems)

Uçak Motorları ve Motor Parçaları (Aircraft Engines and Engine Parts)




Molding Systems


Composite Shaft

Electrical Engine

Carbonfiber Rim

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