1976 CER Döküm was established in a closed area of ​​4850 m2 with a capacity of 5,000 tons / year and produced cast iron parts for various sectors, especially automotive assembly industry companies. 1989 It was opened to foreign markets, primarily Italian and German companies. 1997 The 6,400 m2 foundry building of the investment, which is planned to cover a total area of ​​16,800 m2 on a land of 39,035 m2 in Ankara 1st Organized Industrial Zone, has been completed, moved and heavy work has been put into operation. 1997 Thanks to the new buildings and investments, the capacity was increased to 10,000 tons / year and a maximum of 22 tons / piece as pig iron and 15 tons / piece as a ductile iron was started. 1997 Small parts were discontinued until additional investments were made. 2002 In order to increase its production capacity, “Investment Incentive Certificate” was obtained from the Undersecretariat of Treasury and accordingly, CER Döküm continues its investments until 2008, excluding income taxes. 2003 Thanks to the new investments made, steel casting with a maximum capacity of 10 tons / piece was also included in the production. 2004 It has been passed from ISO 9002 Quality Management System to ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System. 2004 CNC Portal Milling Machine with x = 5.000 mm, y = 3.000 mm, z = 1.400 mm and machining parts up to 25 tons has been purchased and put into operation for machining. 2012 CNC Vertical Model Processing Center (2750 mmx1650 mmx700 mm) was taken to our model room department. 2013 1 Mooncam 5030-1500 CNC Model Machining Center (6000 mmx3000 mmx1200 mm) was purchased for the model house. 2014 Model Household Router 3 Axis Portal Type CNC Machining Center (5600 mmx3000 mmx1560 mm) was purchased. 2016 Aicon 3D Scanning Device was purchased and scanning service was launched. 2016 4000 kg / hour steel material casting furnace was purchased. 2017 1800mmx1500mmx3500mm volume 4-tribune sandblasting machine with a maximum capacity of 5 tons was purchased. 2018 ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System, ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System, OHSAS 18001: 2015 Occupational Health and Safety System certificates have been obtained.

Düşük Alaşımlı Çelik (Low Alloy Steel)

Nikel (Nickel)

Paslanmaz Çelik (Stainless Steel)

Yüksek Alaşımlı Çelik (High Alloy Steel)

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