As BLC group, we produce the first domestic composite wood panels of Turkey at our factory located in Kahramanmaraş. We sell these
high quality Composite Wood Panels with our own machine tracks, experience and technology under the brand name of PlusWood, to both domestic market and
foreign countries.

Since our establishment in 1985 we have been operating in textile and food industries. We carry on our customer and quality oriented approach that we have today also with PlusWood. Our production facility with a indoor area of 5,000 m2 has the capacity to meet all the needs of our customers in the best way possible. All PlusWood products are manufactured with an environmental friendly approach.

BLC Group will meet and exceed your expectations in wood and be more than happy to be your solution partner with the brand PlusWood.

Vinilester Reçine (Vinylester Resin)

Korozyon ve Aşınma Kontrol Teknolojisi (Corrosion and Wear Control Technology)

Plastikler (Platics)

Polimerler ve Polimer Matris Kompozit Teknolojileri (Polymers and Polymer Matrix Composite Technologies)

Composite Wood

High Glowing Strength Polymer Composite Plate

Erosion Resistance Complex Composite

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