Canovate Group has turned from a small Research & Development workshop into a huge company including informatics, telecommunication, defence industry, heating/cooling, steel vest, electro optical systems, Canpark Shopping Mall and Hilton Hotel since the moment when it was established in 1979. Canovate Group, a company union engaged in advanced technological production focused on engineering in Çekmeköy, İstanbul, is one of the leading innovation-oriented global firms of the world providing end-to-end solutions for Data Centers and Fibre Optic systems. Additionally, the company is the making of a leader in the sector with its investments in the heating/ cooling, air-conditioning and renewable energy systems; its work on thermal radar, cameras and integrated safety systems; and solutions it provides for special projects in the defence industry by developing hardware and software. Canovate Group help its customers find the products, services and solutions that match their requirements by pushing the limits.

Bağlantı, Kablo ve Kablaj Teknolojileri (Connectors, Cable and Cabling Technologies)

Data Centers

Fiber Optic Infrastructure

Structured Cabling

Racks & Cabinets

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