Aktif Sav. San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. was established in 2015 to meet the products required by the Security Forces for preventing social events with low-cost and high quality products and in order to increase our product range by providing continuity in R & D activities.

Our company which produces technology and original products in the production of pyrotechnic materials and aiming at becoming a well known company in the world market, is the supplier of 37/38 mm and 40 mm Gas Rifles in addition to producing Gas Cartridges, Flashbang, Color Smoke and CS Tear Gas Handgrenade, as well as the production of pyrotechnic materials such as Rubberball.

“Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey”(TUBITAK) which is one of the respected institution of Turkey, to jointly develop our technical knowledge and our ability which we possess is our most important .

Our products are subjected to rigorous tests, in order to obtain the highest quality product is one of our main objectives. As a result of this extraordinary work, our products were met with great interest in the Turkish Security Forces in various countries of the world and started to receive high demand. We continue our activities with the utmost dedication in order to supply quality products with the most economical price.

Anti Riot Guns

Cs Smoke Projectıles

Sıgnal Cartrıdges

Cs Hand Grenades

Smoke Hand Grenades

Flash Bangs

Pepper Balls

Foam Cartrıdges

Rubber Balls

Pepper Sprays

Back Tube & Solutıons

Fınger Prınt Sprays

Fınger Prınt Powders

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