Focused on continuous growth, AKSA MOTOR FAN company has been serving the heating, ventilation and air conditioning sector through an innovative approach for more than 25 years. Manufacturing shaded-pole and external rotor (with capacitor) AC drive motor groups and domestic and industrial fan groups, AKSA MOTOR FAN gradually raises the level of its success by adopting the “Quality and Customer Satisfaction First” principle for its every product. The company carries on to increase its production rate, level of product quality and product diversity, and aims to expand its daily manufacturing capacity to 15.000 pieces in its 25,000 m2 indoor manufacturing facilities thanks to the significant investments made for improving the technological infrastructure of the company. Performing all design, product development, manufacturing, sales, marketing and after-sales activities in-house, AKSA MOTOR FAN offers high value-added services with an exceptional sense of resolution and determination. AKSA MOTOR FAN carries out its all manufacturing activities with national capital and workforce and puts its products on both domestic and international markets under the AIRCOL brand. Exporting 60% of its products, the company tries to transfer its leadership at home to the international markets. Thanks to our long-standing know-how and experience, we feel the proud of being a pioneering company in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning sector. PRODUCT GROUPS: -Axial Fans -Radial Fans -In-line Fans -Tangential Fans -Centrifugal Radial Fans -Forward Inclined Centrifugal Fans - Backward Inclined Centrifugal Fans -Air Circulation Fans -Shaded Pole Motors -External Rotor Motors -Internal Rotor Motors -BLDC Motors

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