Akım Metal was founded in 1974 and has been producing machining and aluminum injection parts for automotive, white goods and industrial sectors and has recently started to serve in defence and aviation industries by focusing on R&D Activities with Servo motors, CNC lathe and led lighting products.
Akım Metal offers a wide range of solutions for design, analysis, testing, prototype production and mass production for the defence and aviation industry

İleri Prototipleme (Advanced Prototyping)

Proje Yönetimi ve Takibi (Project Management and Control)

Proses Kontrol Teknolojisi (Process Control Technology)

Elektriksel İtki - Dönel ve Lineer (Electrical Propulsion - Rotary & Linear)

Transmisyon ve Güç Aktarım Sistemleri (Transmissions and Powertrains)

3 Eksenli CNC Makine (3 Axis CNC Machine)

4 Eksenli CNC Makine (4 Axis CNC Machine)

C Eksen Torna (C Axis Lathe)

Torna (Lathe)

Y Eksen Torna (Y Axis Lathe)

Alüminyum ve Alaşımları (Aluminum and Its Alloys)

Talaşlı İmalat (Machining)

Mekatronik Tasarım (Mechatronic Designs)

Uçak Parça ve Ekipmanları (Aircraft Parts and Equipments)

Motorlar Ve Motor Parçaları, Güdümlü Füze (Engines and Engine Parts, Guided Missile)


Metal Injection

Motor Production


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