We have gathered our 15 years experience and knowledge in the industry under the roof of AKBA Chemical. We, as AKBA Chemical, with the idea of lead the ways and innovations in Turkey, we have concentrated our efforts in this direction by become aware of external dependence in aviation industry.

We have completed certification processes thanks to our R&D works and as a result of this, we have became one of the limited certified supplier of BOEING and AIRBUS in the world. As of today, all of aircraft cleaning and maintenance chemicals which are produced by AKBA Chemical are approved and certified by BOEING and AIRBUS. This success has totally arisen from our past experiences and investments.

In the light of nationalization efforts in aviation industry, start off as on the purpose of reduce external dependencey and contribution to economy of the country, our aim is not being the biggest but being the best in this exclusive industry.

Havacılık Ekipman Ve Malzemeleri (Aeronautical Equipment and Supplies)

Alcaline Cleaner

Touilet Liquid


Washing Shampo

Anti-İcing Solution

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