Akar Asansör is one of the well-known and preferred suppliers around the world with its asynchronous (geared) and synchronous (gearless) machine motors designed and manufactured for use in elevator systems. Akar Asansör, which has continuously improved service and quality standards since its establishment in 1985, is known with its pioneering identity in the Turkish elevator sector. In addition to producing gears and gearless machines, we also produce normal and remote controlled speed regulators, auxiliary pulleys. In 2013, we have completed the CE certification for the lift system AKAR BELTSYS® and the speed regulator OSGPlus® in accordance with EN81-1 + A3, using the belt instead of the rope, and have added these products to its product range. Akar Asansör also has Turkey’s first elevator testing tower actively working with three in the elevator shaft Akar Asansör has a production capacity of approximately 8,000 machine-engines per year.

Gearless Elevator Motors

Belt Gearless System

Traction Elevator Machines

Overspeed Governors

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