AAES İleri Mühendislik is an international company established in ankara to provide engineering, design, production, technology and supply services to aviation and defence industry institutions and organizations. AAES provides engineering and operational services to help institutions and organizations achieve successful program and cost activities, while engineering consultancy services enable the institution to increase productivity by making low effort in strategic harmony. Aaes’s strong technological consulting services are effective solutions for security, system development and innovation needs and have been identified as efforts to reduce costs by embodying and sustaining the leading supply chain and supply sources.It is one of the missions of adopting the goals  of the customers and enabling them to reach these goals with motivation and result oriented structure with its technological knowledge, international experience and expert staff on the solutions required.

120 mm Mortar Fire Control Systems

Linear Actuator

Manned Gun Tower

M60 Tank Modernization

Smoke Grenade Launcher Fire Control System

Ammuniton and Bullet Loading & Feeding System

Ammuniton Production and Packing Line

Collective ve Cyclic Grip Design for ATAK Helicopter

Remote Weapon Control Station System

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