As SAHA Istanbul, our founding goal is to direct our domestic and national companies to produce the systems needed for the defence industry, civil aviation, and space sector indigenously. In our committees established for this purpose, we continue our projects in 46 fields of activity together with our members. Our goal is to operate by putting collective cooperation and process support mechanisms into function in system and subsystem projects.

In our Material and Material Forming Committee; the necessary infrastructure and needs to produce strategic materials used in the defence industry, especially steel and aluminium, titanium materials, from the mine to the final product, the research and domestication studies, the acquisition of the skills that we lack from the technologies such as forming, heat treatment, added manufacturing, precision processing that should be gained when converting them into final products, and the development of materials and subcomponents necessary for strong epoxies have been carried out with our companies, and these studies will continue in 2021.

In our Machinery and Other Manufacturing Equipment Committee; Within the scope of SAHA Istanbul committee studies for 5 Axis sensitive CNC Control Unit, MİLTEKSAN A.Ş. company was established in the form of joint ventures of 11 companies and a production roadmap was prepared. With this company, it will have produced a new generation CNC control unit with 3 axes in 2022, 4 axes in 2023> 5 axes in 2024, and 2% below sensitivity. It is aimed to produce screw shafts, nuts, spindle, and drive suitable for defence industry needs. However, it is not the first time that the high-precision reducer is used in smart machines, such as the sliding shaft, spindle such as servo, and other components that we depend on externally, such as the drives domestic production works are continuing.

In our Software Automation and Digital Transformation Committee; Within the scope of the software committee's work, efforts are being made to protect production facilities and smart manufacturing equipment from cyberattacks in the cybersecurity of the industry. In this regard, the SSB, universities, and TUBITAK are coordinated. Our committee, which continues to project quickly as sub-working groups, continues to work on artificial intelligence software and its use in defence and aviation. By creating a software market for domestic software, academicians and SMEs will be added here, information about their software will be obtained from SAHA Istanbul member universities, commercialization of the software inventory resulting from the non-commercialized software of our member companies and the implementation of the Engineering Software Developer Training Program (MÜYGEP) are just a few of them.

Within the framework of the project initiated by SAHA Istanbul in the first quarter of 2021, it is aimed to nationalize the corporate resource planning programs needed by our country's industry. Online meetings were the first to take place and it was agreed on the urgency of the subject and the creation of an open-source ecosystem. Under the leadership of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, TUBITAK TÜSSİDE, and SAHA Istanbul, the project has started to determine a draft roadmap with the contributions of the leading companies of our sector. The roadmap will be determined, and the business plan will be put into operation and the project is aimed to be continued with public support.

In our Electrical and Electronics Committee, Work has been initiated for the connector needs of the defence industry and appropriate specialist branches. Within the scope of avionics studies, studies on data recording systems, black boxes, 3D sound systems, and pitot tubes are continuing.

As a unique project related to the Testing and Certification Committee; the establishment of testing, development, and training centre for unmanned systems is underway. However, it is aimed to take inventory of companies working in the field of Maritime Affairs and to carry out activities by determining the test, certification, and training areas needed on marine platforms.
In addition, SAHA has introduced Turkey into world aviation quality cuisine with its MİHENK structure established within Istanbul. With its ENGINEERING structure, Turkey is the 13th company integrated into IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group). It has become a country. SAHA Istanbul is ranked 11th in the OASIS (Online Aerospace Supplier Information System) database by IAQG. The National Aerospace Industrial Association (NAIA) is defined as a country.