Varzene Metal was established with the purpose
of providing the industrial corporations engaged
in high technology production with cutting edge
technology products. With its staff composed of
entirely metallurgy and material engineers; the
company introduced extraordinary products to the
Turkish industry. Varzene Metal serving in the most
special fields of the metallurgy and materials science
combined its engineering abilities and the sector
experience with the cold drawing plant in 2012 and
put the high performance metal production plant into
use. The company now serves in the sectors such as
the defence, medical, maritime, automotive which
are the most special fields of the metal industry in
Turkey by means of material supply and production.
Varzene Metal is the only service centre which is
able to manufacture the special metal alloys in
Turkey. Also, it is one of the most important stockers
of Europe holding special nickel alloys and special
stainless steels in its stock for glass mould making.
As the country’s economy grows and develops; the
address to be applied is Varzene Metal to replace
absence with presence.

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