TUSAS Engine Industries Inc. (TEI) is an incorporated company established in 1985 as a joint venture of Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc., General Electric, Turkish Armed Forces Foundation and Turkish Aeronautical Association.

Providing service with more than 2500 employees, TEI achieved a total sales volume of ~ 400 million US Dollars in 2018, with a portion of ~300 million US Dollars yielded from exports operations. Thanks to its exports figures, TEI was ranked 43th in ranking of Top 1000 Exporter Companies of the Turkish Exporters Assembly, and 115th in the Top 500 list of ISO. TEI’s backlog is around 6.2 billion US Dollars.

TEI, which has become an international manufacturer and a global design center today with the high quality products and services, offers to aviation industry, consistently moves forward step by step every day, accomplishing its corporate goals. TEI’s international customers include GE Aviation, MTU, ITP, Rollys Royce, SAFRAN while its domestic customers include the Presidency of Defense Industries, the Ministry of Interiors, Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. and Turkish Airlines.


  • Engine Parts and Modules Production
  • Machining and Fabrication Surface
  • Treatment Technologies
  • Measurement and Inspection
  • Technologies Special Processes Layered Manufacturing
  • Technologies Engine
  • Installation and Testing
  • Engine Maintenance, Repair and
  • Overhaul Engine Design and Product Development
  • Turboshaft Engine Design
  • UAV Engines Design Piston
  • Engines Turbojet and
  • Turboprop Engines Design
  • Tool Development Activities
  • Material and Process
  • Development Embedded
  • Software Avionic Systems
  • Electrical and Electronic
  • Systems Design Integrity and
  • Airworthiness


 Test/ Certification/ Engine and Transmission/ Engineering