SARSILMAZ adventure began in 1880 in the gun, pistol in Turkey is the only private enterprise capable of producing military weapons and sport weapons. It is one of the leading light arms manufacturers in the world with its uncompromising quality and knowledge. In our factory, which is the largest arms production facility in Europe with an open area of ​​65,000 m² and an indoor area of ​​about 38,000 m², all products are produced with the latest technological systems that ensure high efficiency and quality.
In SARSILMAZ, R&D is given great importance with the power to follow scientific developments and innovations and the desire to realize what could not be done before. SARSILMAZ R&D CENTER is the first R&D center certified by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in the light arms industry. joint projects with Turkey's leading scientific institutions and universities are carried out. On the other hand, our existing products in our portfolio are adapted to technological developments and innovations with the production of UR-GE. SARSILMAZ, which opened its production capabilities to the aviation industry in 2013, produces for world giants such as Sikorsky, BOEING, Agusta Westland, TAI and TEI.

It exports most of its production from America to the Far East, from Europe to Africa, to a total of 76 countries. More than 50% of overseas sales are made in the United States under the name SAR USA. SARSILMAZ, the market's unchanging leader for years, is the determinant of quality in light weapons. The international and national certificates it possesses are an indicator of SARSILMAZ's quality perception. SARSILMAZ has the rightful pride of using its products in the Turkish Police and Turkish Armed Forces for many years. SARSILMAZ has the rightful pride of providing the Turkish Police 'staff weapon for many years. As a result of the high performance of its products in the tenders of the Ministry of National Defense, SARSILMAZ weapons are used in all units of the Turkish Armed Forces.

Product Groups

• Design and Analysis
• Weapon Hardware Design
• Ballistic Test


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