Öznil Plastik


Öznil Plastik

Since 1997, Öznil Plastik ve Vakum Sanayi has been manufacturing in many sectors such as healthcare, automotive, toy, textile, machinery manufacturing industry. With its experience and knowledge, Öznil Plastik has been established with the principle of excellent service and serves its customers without sacrificing quality. The machinery that increases day by day, our company has become the leader of Turkey’s largest vacuum machine to operate in the field of inserting position. It also provides high quality and error-free production service with its CNC processing machine.

Prouct Groups

  • Plastic Forming
  • CNC Trimming
  • Product Design and Prototype Production
  • Plastic Painting Technologies
  • Plastic Chrome Plating Technology


Automotive and Spare Parts/ Chemistry and Petrochemistry/ Composite/ Engineering/ Medical/ Paint and Coating/ Raw Material, Material