Özdemir Model


Özdemir Model

Our company, which was established in 1993, specializes in the field of manpower, quality production, fast delivery and error-free business approach. our Factory last system 14 pieces 3 axis, 1 pieces 8000mm * 4000mm * 1500mm sizes 5 with 15 axis machining tables and 50 experienced staff has. Casting, composite, automotive, construction, cement, mining and machinery in our factory equipment sectors; wood, aluminum, mdf, styrofoam, block material models and We produce spare parts. In addition, 150 LT induction furnace and 300 in our factory Cast aluminum spare parts and machining with our LT aluminum melting furnace We can. 3 Meters with FaroArm Fusion and Laser ScanArm We apply quality control technique to all products up to the diameter. This Thus, after manufacturing, the products are produced in accordance with customer quality standards. It intended. However, reverse engineering with 3D design programs we provide service. Our factory continues to produce 3850m2 closed area, 4250m2 It is.

Produc Groups

  • Plywood Plate Model
  • Plywood Free Model
  • MDF Models
  • Aluminum Plate
  • Models Pik
  • Model Araldit
  • Model Precision
  • Casting Candle
  • Mold Styrofoam
  • Models Coke
  • Machine Shell and Cold Core
  • Molds Sinto Plate Models Diza
  • Plate Models Spare parts


Automotive and Spare Parts/ Aviation/ Casting/ Composite/ Construction Machinery and Ground Equipment/ Defense Equipment/ Engine and Transmission/ Engineering/ Industrial Machinery and Production Equipment/ Metal Processing/ On Vehicle Equipment Production/ Rocket and Missile Parts/ Weapon Manufacturers