Opsin Electro Optical Systems Ltd. Sti. Was established on 29.06.2015 under the title of erse Berse Engineering Ltd Sti le with 100% domestic capital. Until December 2017, the Company’s main activity was to provide consultancy services to companies in defense industry projects in the fields of engineering management, project management and business development. Since January 2018, the company has determined its field of activity as the design and development of Electro-Optic systems with domestic facilities and in this context, it has been named “Opsin Elektro Optik Sistemler Ltd. Şti. Ltd. Şti. The mission of the company is to become a global electro – optic company which will take an important role in minimizing the dependence of our country in this sector in the Electro – Optics sector and to meet the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces and domestic and foreign customers. Its vision is to be one of the leading companies in the sector by developing innovative and reliable products that respect human and environment with an understanding that prioritizes employee satisfaction. Opsin continues its activities in its 200 m2 office located in METU Technopolis Information and Innovation Center. Opsin has a total of 7 personnel including 1 manager, 2 mechanical design engineers, 2 electronic design engineers, 1 optical design engineer and 1 administrative staff.

Product Groups

  • Laser dot Meter Integrated 3x Gun Mounted Binoculars,
  • Flexible Fiber Connector Sight System, Daylight Lens with Near Infrared 3600 Imaging System, Driver Vision System,
  • Electro Optical Sensor System for Discovery and Surveillance Systems, 2 Axis and 3 Axis Stabilized Electro Optical Sensor System for Air Platforms.


Communication and Antenna Systems/ On Vehicle Equipment Production/ Sensors