Novelty Yazılım Bilişim Teknolojileri San.Tic.Ltd.Şti


Novelty Yazılım Bilişim Teknolojileri San.Tic.Ltd.Şti

Novelty Yazılım Bilişim Teknolojileri Ltd., which we established in 2017 with our experience in the information sector since 2006. We continue our work in Informatics Valley under the identity of Şti. All of our motivation is to develop projects with artificial intelligence. We started our way by adopting the words “Continuity – Speed ​​- Quality and Trust” as our principle and we have adopted them as our principles in dozens of projects we have done.

If there is no continuity, you cannot accelerate, If there is no speed, you lose the taste of the work, If there is no quality, you fall while running and most importantly, if these three factors do not come together, you cannot gain trust. We are very excited to be able to undertake numerous projects with our esteemed customers, who know the difference between doing what has not been done before and producing the unthinkable and imitation. We carry out all our projects with the same enthusiasm, without registering small or big projects.

Novelty’s experienced staff, established from the leading names of the industry, has adopted the values ​​of excellence, development and teamwork as its basic philosophy. With this approach, it produces creative and perfect solutions at all stages of a project. Considered the most important part of business life, expertise requires continuous improvement by learning new things every day. Thanks to this approach, our company easily adapts to the developing technology dynamics every day. Establishing productive and long-term relationships with the organizations it serves, our company realizes a project starting from the idea stage by sharing its knowledge and experience in the projects it develops.

Novelty Bilişim minimizes the risks that may be encountered with the detailed designs and analyzes made at the beginning of the projects it has implemented, customized according to the needs of global scale corporate companies. It aims to facilitate the adaptation of the receiving party to the project with the consultancy and training services provided after the project is delivered. Novelty Bilişim provides uninterrupted support to the organization it serves in all processes and after service. While supporting individual creativity on the one hand, it attaches great importance to teamwork, which is the quality assurance of the services provided on the other. The aim of Novelty Bilişim is to develop new services that will meet the needs of the organizations it serves and to keep their satisfaction at the highest level, while working and learning continuously in line with the principles of accuracy, openness and trust established with the organizations it works with and with its team

Our products

  • Face recognition system
  • Speech Recognition System
  • Speech Synthesis System Image Processing System
  • with Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence/ Software development