MILMAST company was founded in 2017 in Ankara to develop and manufacture mobile, telescopic and electromechanic mast systems for military applications. As the primary payloads to be elevated could be mentioned  radio and radar antenna and optical systems for surveillance purposes.

The shareholders of the company are FIGES, SSTEK and a limited number of the employees who contributed substantially to the development of the products. FIGES, as the major shareholder is a private engineering simulation company focussed on R&D services in aerospace and defence sector since 1990 whereas SSTEK is a public company belonging to Ministry of Defence  to fund national startup companies in aerospace and defence sector.

The first mast system which was a carbon composite, telescopic and electromechanic mast has been developped by the engineering team of FIGES in 2016-2017. The process from the prototype development to the creation of the commercial product and then launching of the production plant was relatively quick. The key point of this success has been the extensive usage of  the modern methods of virtual product development and also the copany-wide implementation of enterprise resource planing(ERP) tools.

Product Groups

  • Search and surveillance
  • Electronic communication and warfare
  • Target acquisition devices
  • Weapon turrets
  • Sensor and radar systems
  • Fire extinguishing application


Composite/ On Vehicle Equipment Production