Our company was founded in 2010 for developping computer aided manufacturing software in GOSB Technopark by Ata Hürdoğan Demiray who is a mechanical engineer and Yonca Dane.

Company’s first commercial product was SolidCNC Wire EDM module. Company made an agreement with Excetek(YCM)  a Taiwan organisation which produce wire EDM machines. and distributed SolidCNC Wire module on the machine ‘s embedded computer in Turkey and all around the world. (USA , Germany , Vietnam …)Same software module could be used with different wire cutting machine tools by using the system ‘s Lua script based post processor. So the company installed the SolidCNC software for different customers to use on other machines than Excetec.  (Like Joe Mars , Charmilles , Makino wire EDM machines) 

One of these customers was SAGE ( A research organisation which Turkish goverment founded for defense systems)  Company developped dedicated post processor for a multi axis Charmilles wire EDM machine  tool , and a parameters knowledge base entegrated  to CAM system.

The company continued to work with local CNC machine tool producers in Turkey. Two new software module was added to SolidCNC software  with names “Compact cutting”  and “CAMBox”.  These modules are mostly used by construction companies that work for building facade systems , door and window manufacturers and some automative companies. Compact cutting has automatic bin packing (nesting) functionality combined with toolpath making and preparing CNC outputs and reports.  CAMBox is used in 4-5 axis profile machining centers  ,  which make automatic clamp positioning. Mostly with  machine producers NATA CNC from Istanbul and İno Metal from Bursa these two modules have been distributed to hundreds of end users both in Turkey and all around the world. (Azerbaycan, Cyprus  , USA , UK , Tunusia , Algeria , France , Jordan , Iran , Poland , Slovenia , Australia , Canada …) For another nesting application for aerospace composite cutting by a CNC Ply Cutter , company worked in TAI  (TUSAŞ)  factory in Ankara Kazan.  Together with Corobo a company in Kayseri the ply cutters electronic control pannel and integrated CAD CAM software was updated .  Mavi Form Metal Su Jeti company from Bursa is solution partner of SolidCNC for 3- 5 – 6 axis simultaneous waterjet cutting applications. Companies installed many water jet cutting systems all around the world.  End users cut natural stone (marble , granite)  , balistic steel , glass and composite materials mostly with the SolidCNC software and Mavi Jet waterjet systems.  MKS a company located in Adapazarı Türkiye makes 5 axis gantry CNC  machine tools which cut natural stone by saw blade and milling tools. SolidCNC software developped a stone module named SolidStone for these type of machines with many dedicated functions. SolidStone is distributed by MKS and some other machine producers from Turkey.  For glass machinery  Esen Makine located in Kayseri Turkey use SolidCNC software in their CNC tools.  Kılıçoğlu Machinary  which devlops  CNC mechatronic spin form  systems ordered our company a dedicated CAM software module and SolidCNC TurnForm module was the product .

We try to help companies that produce CNC machine tools during their entire product life cycle stages : research and development of machine , initial tests , installation  and training,  run time services like operational support by our SolidCNC software systems.

Product Groups

  • SolidCNC wire EDM software
  • SolidCNC Compact cutting
  • SolidCNC CAMBox
  • SolidCNC Multi axis application
  • SolidStone
  • SolidCNC Turn Form module


Industrial Machinery and Production Equipment/ Software development