Carrying more than 45 years of deep-rooted history in industrial production with its competitive Performance culture, BANTBORU is one of the world’s 5 largest manufacturers of pipe systems that are important in the automotive and durable consumer goods sectors, and is the country’s leading expert organization in this field. BANTBORU, which was established as a “BANTBORU R&D Center” by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in 2015, has been deemed suitable for support within the scope of TURQUALITY® brand program, which is the first in the world with the mission of increasing our country’s exports by developing strong global brands. It is among the organizations. Our products are used in critical points such as brake, clutch and fuel systems in 4 out of every 100 vehicles produced by today’s global automotive industry. We are a business partner in the most important programs of global automotive manufacturers such as BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Renault and Peugeot-Citroen. These programs include new generation electric cars. On the white goods side, we work with our R&D capabilities and our own products, BSH (Bosch Siemens Hausgerate), Arçelik, Vestel, Uğur Cooling, Conveyor, ATM and Bundy Refrigeration. In the global automotive and white goods industries where quality, competitiveness and development are always at the forefront, we contribute to the Competitive Performance, product quality and reliability of the leading manufacturers of our country and the world. We export to 23 countries in a geography extending from Europe to India. Exports center of our activities, we manage our production and management of our warehouse facility in Turkey and in Germany. With the power of the TURQUALITY® brand program we are involved in in 2017, we are taking steps quickly and safely to expand the global footprint. On the other hand, BANTBORU, which has a real world company identity with its social engagements as well as its global footprint and business practices, is also a participant in the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP) program, which is the most important global platform in the field of women’s empowerment.

Product Groups

  • Double layer copper hydraulic steel pipe (Diameter: 4.00-4.75-6.00-6.35-8.00mm)
  • Steel pipe behind single layer electrical (Diameter: 4.75-6.00-8.00-10.00mm)
  • Brake pipe
  • Clutch pipe
  • Fuel pipe
  • Brake vacuum pipe
  • Condenser pipe
  • Evaporator pipe
  • Automotive industry OEM passenger and light commercial vehicle steel piping projects
  • Refrigeration industry OEM refrigerator and cooler steel piping projects


Metal Forming by Heat Treatment/ Metal Processing