MAKEL was established in 1997 as a manufacturing
company. And the main activities during the years
following the establishment generally included
the trade of the products that it represents and
the components produced by sub-contractors.
The entire representation and commercial
activities were ended in 2005 when the products
in question were started to be manufactured by
the company within the development process.
MAKEL now produces Chemical-Biological-
Radiological-Nuclear (CBRN) Protection Systems,
Auxiliary Power Units (APU), Air-Conditioning
Systems – the Life Support Units (LSU) composed
of the combination of all and critical components
of such systems such as alternators, Chemical-
Biological-Radiological-Nuclear (CBRN) Protection
System filters in accordance with the globally
acceptance standards.
Our main objective is to produce technology and
solution oriented, quality products with high
added value to be used by users reliably for the
defence sector and creating financial profit in an
environment where the employees are content.

• Life Support Systems
• Environmental Control Units
• Auxiliary Power Units
• Cbrn Protection
• Integrated Logistic Support Ils
• Technical Insulation
• Transport Cases

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