Software, Automation and Digital Conversion Committee


The objectives of the Committee are as follows:

  • To ensure the digitalization of our industry by using nationally developed information technology
  • To carry out studies to provide a structure with high added value and competitive power
  • Determination and implementation of the roadmap through coordination and cooperation of all stakeholders in the ecosystem in the process of digitization
  • To contribute to accelerate the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry in our country
  • To improve the value creation potential through efficiency and productivity increases at every stage of the integration value chain
  • Identify the appropriate components of governance systems with human, technology, infrastructure, suppliers and users and for our companies
  • Increasing productivity and localization about software needs
  • Development of software and automation systems that allow simultaneous successive stages of software product development
  • To be able to put forward regulations about automation and process and process digitalization to enable companies to develop and become a global brand
  • Developing a culture of cooperation and co-production


Land, air and sea platforms, defense aviation and space sectors are the areas of interest of this committee.