Kocak Petroleum Company was founded as a family
company in the year 1989 which is in its rightful
place a leading manufacturer of lubricants and
grease where is in geography with of quality service,
technological investment, customer – oriented
employess and stable development policy. In that
years, started to production limited number of
lubricants today Kocak Petroleum continues to
add value to the national economy with more than
250 products and types of packaging over 600 in
automotives and industrial areas. Speedol Oil was
operating with high performance products category
since 1921 in U.S.A that joined to Kocak Petroleum.
Speedol meets expectation of customer that want
to higher performance, more power and more
durability with the power of knowledge of 100 years
and experience.

• Automotive Oils
• Motorbike Oils
• Tractor and Agriculture Oils
• Industrial Oils
• Marine Oils
• Aviation
• Railway
• Grease and Special Paste
• Mould Oils
• Process Oils
• Knitting Oils
• F6 Car Care Oils
• Hydraulic Brake Oil and Antifreeze

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  • 0(262) 751 36 78
  • www.speedol.com.tr
  • speedol@speedol.com.tr
  • Pelitli Köyü, Ayaz Sok. No:43 41400 Gebze Kocaeli