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Kardemir, of which foundation was laid on 3 April 1937 and which produced the “the First Turkish Iron in 1939; leads the industry of our country besides being the locomotive of the regional industry with its value-added steel products produced using domestic ore and coal resources of our country. Renewing its production technologies with the investment spending over $ 2 billion after privatization on 30 March 1995, Kardemir has become one of the largest industrial enterprise of Turkey today.  Kardemir, which is Turkey’s only national brand in railway rails, railway wheels, heavy profile production, is in the BIST30 index.

Kardemir, which has realized the project, manufacturing and installation of many large industrial plants by pioneering the industrial advances of our country, is known as “factory establishing factories” in our country.

Kardemir, which is a big family with approximately 4,500 people including subsidiaries, continues activities as being one of the leading companies in its sector with its deep-rooted industrial culture, competent human resources and corporate management experience.

Serving many sectors such as automotive, machinery manufacturing and fasteners, Kardemir aims to increase its liquid steel production to 3.5 million tons.

In Bar Wire Rod Mill, which serves to many sectors,  wire rod between ø5.5-25 mm, thick wire rod between ø20-55 mm, round bar between ø20-100 mm and ribbed bars between ø8-40 mm are produced

Our company has the ability to produce all railway rails, types and qualities used in subway, conventional and high speed lines especially in our Rail Profile Rolling Mill. Finally, it has added a long lasting hardened rail (R350 Quality) to its product portfolio.

Our company is the only railway wheel manufacturer in our country with its Railway Wheel Production Plant with 200.000 pieces / year capacity.

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