Companies operating in Defence and Aerospace
industries of Kale Group, in which the Kale Kalıp
is included, play an active role in the product
development and productin activities required by
our national defence and aviation industry thanks
to the capabilities gained to date and strong
infrastructure established. In this context, the
National Infantry Rifle, which we have already made
significant contributions to during the development
phase, and other offensive weapons that we have
developed with our own possibilities can be given
as examples. Kalekalıp carries out turn-key projects
in the field of business by using various under
subcontractors or consortiums according to the
needs, together with the undertaking department
in the incorporation. In December 2015, the Mass
production agreement signed between Kalekalıp
A.Ş. and the SSM a big step was taken to remove our
external dependence on a significant issue.

• Pressure Reduction and Measurement Stations
• Natural Gas Meter for House
• Service Regulators
• Natural Gas Meter for Rotary Type
• Turbinmeter Suitable for Commercial and
Statistical Measurement
• Gas Chromatographs
• Electronic Volume Correctors with Working Modules
as Local SCADA
• Flow Computers
• SCADA Systems
• Test and Calibration Units

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