Our company is manufacturing special and boutique designs in HVAC sector since 1975. Special boutique desings are manufactured to  Aselsan A.Ş. TAI, MKEK, TÜBİTAK SAGE and METEKSAN DEFENCE  like companies. Some of our products are list  below.

  • Liquid Cooling System until -50°C
  • Liquid Cooling System until -70°C
  • Special Cooling cabins which can doing conditioning at range of -100°C  / +100°C
  • Chamber which can working at -70°C / +100°C and under 160 Bar
  •  Laboratory testing devices, ( Flow rate, Pressure and Temperature Control)
  • Cabin conditioning devices with temperature, pressure and humidity control
  • Moistening Systems with Ultrasonic control 
  • Cleaning Systems with Ultrasonic control
  • Process Cooling Devices with Flow rate, Pressure and Temperature ( Radar Control)
  • Heat Control Unit (for Seafaring)
  • Heat Control Unit (For Aviation and Land)
  • Warplane task computer simulation System
  • F-16 Avionic testin device
  • TGP Cooling Support Unit ( Cooling Support Unit)
  • Simulation Unit for Aselpod Tracking System 
  • Computer testing unit with high pressure air control
  • Portable air conditioning sistem
  • Water achievement system from the snow
  •  Air Conditioning and Testing Unit for Thermal Heat Generator Cabin
  • Optic PLate Unit Stable Cold Water Unit
  • Optic Plate Unit Stable Hot Water Unit
  • Stable Heat Conditioning and Control Unit
  • Cabin Air and humidity conditioning Unit
  • Sensitive Process Temperature Control Device
  • Heating – Cooling testing control unit for transfer liquid
  • Laboratory equipment Cooling system
  • Reactor Heating System
  • Multi unit Cooling system
  • High Pressure Air conditioning Unit at constant temperature
  • Accumulation Liquid Cooling Unit
  • Constant temperature control device
  • Constant temperature and humidity testing device in tunnel
  • Laser unit testing and analysis unit
  • Air charge device under high pressure for chamber unit
  • Air Conditioning Device
  • Testing sistem ultimate Cooling at range of -70°C / +70°C
  • Helium gase Cooling system
  • Chamber testing device
  • Ex-proof duct cooler
  • CSA Building Water Cooling Tower
  • CSA Building Water Cooling Group (500 kw)
  • CSA Building Closed Circuit Hybrid Cooling System
  • Package Type Water Cooling  Group for Rubber Line 400 kW
  • Roof top air conditioning
  • Rocket Simulator Container Cabin ( Hot Cabin / cold cabin)
  • Testing unit under 200 Bar High pressure for aircraft equipments
  • Device Cooling system with liquid (2,5 kW)
  • Wing Die Conditioning device for Composite aerofil producttion facility
  • Climatizing cabin for Helicopter PAL
  • Speck radiation testing and analysis Project Cooling system for will used in Space
  • Design which achievement heat transfer with sun ray refraction
  • Jammer Cooling
  • Climatizing Cabins which working at range of -25°C/+55°C  
  • Nation Radar Communication Liquid heating – Cooling – conditiong device with free Cooling support 


 Test/ Air conditioning/ Aviation/ Simulation Systems