IntelProbe, based in Turkey, recognized in the interna8onal arena, is a technology company offering
security services in general and to the many qualified ins8tu8on in cyber world. IntelProbe, there are
today among Turkey’s leading product independent company with cyber security concept. The quality
of service offered by that has proven well with local and na8onal solu8ons IntelProbe by specific team
of experts and selected individuals in the area of Turkey (Ankara headquarters and Istanbul),
specialized and offers extensive cyber security.
While IntelProbe con8nues to offer new-genera8on cyber security services to corpora8ons all over the
world, it also collaborates with Technology Ins8tutes worldwide for the advancement of the industry. In
this respect, it par8cipates in workshops and supports many interna8onal associa8ons and
organiza8ons. In addi8on to using and producing the latest technologies, IntelProbe focuses on R & D
ac8vi8es with interna8onally friendly countries. Consul8ng and engineering services to all the
companies that provide the «Security Framework» to gain the vision of cyber security as a long-term
and important part of accept. It seeks to maintain its customers’ reputa8ons and sustainability.
IntelProbe is valid all over the world; APMG, TürkAK, TSE and BSI approved, ISO 27001 (Informa8on
Security Management System), ISO 22301 (Business Con8nuity Management System), BS 10012 (Data
Security Standard), ISO 9001 and ISO 10002 customer sa8sfac8on and quality management cer8ficates,
it has a corporate structure in compliance with the standards of Service Management and related
interna8onal official cer8ficates. With its Incuba8on Center, it supports the future genera8ons’ cyber
security ac8vi8es and development.

Product Groups

  • Cyber ​​Security Solutions


Cyber ​​security/ Software development