ETS Endüstri Teknik Yüzey İşlemleri




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  • 21. cad 1360.sok (Eski 596.sok) No: 19-21-23 Ağaçişleri Sanayi Sitesi Yenimahalle / ANKARA

ETS Endüstri Teknik Yüzey İşlemleri

Company started its activities with the leadership of S. Mechanical
Engineer İ. Murat Özbek, who was working as a Business Development
Manager under Endüstri Teknik Ltd Şti, with coating towards metal
In 2010, dipping and electrolytic coatings for aluminum, steel, stainless
surfaces are added to our processes with the joining of Chemical
Engineer Dicle Dinler to the EST team as a Production Manager. By this
way, organic and inorganic coating types are increased gradually with
the dipping and electrolytic spraying applications over aluminum, steel,
stainless steel, magnesium, copper, and other alloys. Got approval from
the main contractors of Defense Industry such as Aselsan, Roketsan,
Nurol Savunma, MKEK, Otokar, and FNSS.
In 2013, company got the International Aerospace and Defense
Accreditation certificate NADCAP and qualified to operate quality and
chemical processes on international standards.

Product Goups

  • Aluminum Chromate Coating
  • Magnesium Chromate Coating
  • Anodized Coating Phosphate
  • Coating Stainless Steel
  • Passivation Dry Film
  • Lubrication Coating Age
  • Painting Electroless
  • Nickel Current
  • Nickel Current
  • Copper Current
  • Tin Electrolytic
  • Zinc masking
  • Chemical Blackout
  • Gold-plated
  • Silver Plated