Durmazlar, the leader of its sector in Turkey, is a
global manufacturer serving in the field of sheet
metal processing machines manufacturing.
Durmazlar now exports to 120 countries with the
help of its 80 distributors as its business partners
and almost 80% of the manufactured machinery
meets its purchasers in developed industrial
countries such as the USA, the European Union
and Australia. The remaining 20% is directed at the
firms investing in cutting edge technology in the
developing countries and investing with foreign
Durmazlar’s machines now are introduced to the
entire world under the brand of Durma. The Brand
name was derived from the name of “Durmazlar”
in order to be able to position in the global market
more successfully and has the same phonetics in
all languages. The Brand strategy has been based
on the notions of reliability, generating solutions
and ability to solve, globularness and innovation.
Our primary goal, as a global brand, is making
cutting edge sheet metal processing Technologies
accessible for small workshops.

• Press Brakes
• Plasma Cutting Machines
• Laser Cutting Machines
• Plate Roll Machines
• Corner Notching Machines
• Guillotine Shears
• Profile Bending Machine

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