Usishi is a software technology company driven by a team who have been developing Unix based systems for over 20 years. They create quick, clear and easy to use systems with a focus on intelligence and intellect.

The company name was founded by this principle. “US” and “ISHI” is a combination of two words. “US” means Intellect and mind/intelligence used in the earlier Turkish language. “ISHI” means the work or Job (as the Turkish word “İŞ”).

Usishi develops private and public Cloud Infrastructure Technologies. The company created “Buluthan cloud” platform which means “Sovereign Cloud” in earlier Turkish. Buluthan provides many layers of private cloud technologies such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and DaaS.

The company is located in Istanbul Teknopark. Teknopark Istanbul is a science and technology park which was developed by the Under Secretariat for Defence Industries and the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.

Product Groups

  • Buluthan VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)
  • Buluthan VSA (Virtual Server Administrator)
  • Buluthan SM (Storage Manager)
  • Buluthan DS (Distributed Storage)
  • Buluthan PS (Personal Space)