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Akım Metal

Ali Fazıl Böyet was born in 1978 in Istanbul. He completed his undergraduate studies at Istanbul University, Department of Mechanical Engineering in 2000 and his master’s degree at North Carolina State University in 2002, USA. He worked as a manufacturing engineer in Bosch Siemens Home Appliances factory in USA. After returning to Turkey in 2004, he started to work at Akim Metal. He worked as foreign trade responsible, project manager and plant manager respectively. He is currently Deputy General Manager and Member of the Board of Directors of Akim Metal, Administrator of Curent Metal Srl, the first foreign investment of the family company and the Founding Partner of YMB Technological Products Marketing. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Istanbul Anadolu Yakası Organized Industrial Zone (IAYOSB). He is married and has three children.

Vice Chairman of the Board


Mr. Murat İKİNCİ was promoted to his current position as General Manager of STM on
August 17, 2018. Before this assignment, he was a Deputy General Manager responsible from
Engineering and Consultancy including Naval Programs, Defense Procurement, Consultancy
Services and Airworthiness Certification Services since September 2014. Prior to his position
as a Deputy General Manager, Mr. İKİNCİ served in different positions at STM since 2000.
Mr. İKİNCİ earned a Bachelor’s Degree (1996) and Master’s Degree (1998) in Computer
Science from Bilkent University in Ankara. He successfully completed the Executive MBA
program in the same university in 2011. Mr. İKİNCİ was born in 1974 and currently resides in
Ankara, Turkey. He is married and has two children. He speaks English fluently.

Accounting Member of the Board

Altınay Havacılık

Istanbul Technical University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 1990 from the Faculty graduated as one of Turkey’s first four Aerospace Engineer.

In 1990, at the same university, which is Turkey’s first robot was developed ALTINAY 1.

In 1991, Turkey’s first ITU-Technopark in TEKMERs, Turkey’s first entrepreneurial research company, founded the Altınay Robotics and Automation Limited Company. On August 30, 1993, a 6-axis robot project to be used in the industry was implemented.

In 1994, he resigned from his position at the university to present the technology he developed to the service of the industry and to make it permanent. He founded. In 1996, the robotics company Altınay Robotics was accepted by the World Robot Federation (IFR) as one of the 28 robot manufacturers in Europe.

Altınay Robot Technologies has won many important awards including the Büyük SME Grand Prize verilen given by KOSGEB in 2012.

Hakan Altinay, Turkey’s Science, Technology and Industry strategy in working on these issues and actively took part in the study prepared by the law. In addition to these studies, the Founding President of the Industrial Automation Industrialists Association (ENOSAD), Prof.Dr. Dr. Prof. Dr. Fuat Sezgin Islamic Science History Research Foundation (İBTAV) Founding Board of Trustees, Member of SAHA Association, Member of Technopark Science Board, Machine Manufacturers Association Y.K. He has undertaken many duties such as membership.

He is married and has two daughters. Currently, Altınay Robot Technologies Inc. He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Member of the Board


Prof. Dr. Haluk GÖRGÜN was born in Istanbul in 1973. He completed his undergraduate and graduate education in Electrical Engineering Department of Yıldız Technical University and his Ph.D. in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York USA in 2003. After his Ph.D. graduation, he has engaged in scientific studies at the University of Connecticut in 2004-2005. He became an associate professor in 2008 and became a professor in 2013 at Yıldız Technical University, where he served from 2005-2008 as an assistant professor.

Prof. Dr. Haluk GÖRGÜN, who is the founder department chairman of Yıldız Technical University, Control and Automation Engineering Department, has served as the chairman of Control and Automation Engineering Department in between the years 2009-2013. During his chairmanship, he has been the founder of many graduate programs.

Prof. Dr. Haluk GÖRGÜN served as the Turkey Delegate of European Union 7th Framework Program Energy Field in between the years 2007-2010. Prof. Dr. Haluk GÖRGÜN, who carried his duties as a board member of Yıldız Technical University Technopark, BAP Coordinate, Science Application and Research Center, served as the Editor of YTU Sigma Engineering and Science Journal between 2010-2013. He also carried his duties as Yıldız Technical University Deputy Manager of the Institute of Science and Vice Rector.

Prof. Dr. Haluk GÖRGÜN was elected as the Associate Member of Turkey Academy of Sciences in 2013. Between November 2014 and April 2018, he has been served as the Rector at Gebze Technical University. He has numerous national and international articles / reports, editorial editions and projects. Due to his pioneering contribution in the university-industry cooperation during his rectorate, he was elected as the Rector of the Year in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 by various institutions.

In addition to being a member of the Board of Directors of the Informatics Valley since 2014, he has also served in various committees and boards in TÜBİTAK and YÖK. Prof. Dr. Haluk GÖRGÜN has significant contributions in the establishment of Gebze Technical Education and Research Foundation where he is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Board of Directors. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees at many foundations, such as the being the Board of Directors Member of ODTÜ Microelectromechanic Systems Research and Application Center (MEMS) and the Board of Trustees Member of Ostim Technical University.

The awards that he has recently won include:

2018 CEO Club Awards Industry Technology Leaders 2nd Most Successful CEO of the Year,

2018 Boğaziçi Business World Awards Lifetime Achievement Award,

2018 8th International Bukhara Media Awards Rector of the Year,

2018 Internet Media Best of the Year Award Ceremony Rector of the Year,

2018 Tolerance, Peace, Culture and Art Association Rector of the Year,

2018 West Side Prestige Award (Due to Contributions to the Region),

2017 Rector of the Year,

2017 West Side Best Honorary Award (for their contribution to Gebze’s development)

Prof. Dr. Haluk GÖRGÜN was elected as a Member of the Board of Directors of ASELSAN on 15 March 2017 for the first time by the Ordinary General Assembly resolution. He was reelected as a Member of the Board of Directors on the Ordinary Generel Assembly held on 2 April 2018 and appointed as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at the same day’s meeting.

At the meeting of the Board of Directors dated 17 April 2018, it was resolved that in addition to his chairmanship Prof. Dr. Haluk GÖRGÜN shall start his duty as CEO of ASELSAN as of  27 April 2018.

Prof. Dr. Haluk GÖRGÜN is married with two children.

Member of the Board


Dr. Fazilet VARDAR-SUKAN is a Chemical Engineer with a Ph.D. in
Biochemical Engineering from University College London. She is the founding
head of the Bioengineering Department at Ege University and was the head of
Department between 2000-2017. She is a pioneer in the field in Turkey and is
the holder of 1989 Turkish Scientific and Technological Council Incentive
award in Bioengineering. She was the Director of Ege University Technology
Transfer Office and Coordinator of Enterprise Europe Network-Izmir. Her skills
and expertise as a technology Transfer professional are internationally
recognised, endorsed through her RTTP Certificate and EuKTS Grandfather
Certificate. She is also the vice president of USIMP (University-Industry
Collaboration Centers Platform of Turkey, a member of EPO Academy
Advisory Board and represents Turkey on ATTP Board, AUTM International
Committee, ASTP- NAAC and EuKTS Board. She has been involved in a total
of 67 projects on bioengineering / biotechnology, R&D and innovation support,
science and society, either as a coordinator, partner or researcher, supported
by different national, international funds or industry; 21 of them being EU
supported. Her work and contributions are internationally recognised by over
1600 citations out of which 54 are in textbooks. She has approximately 200
publications with 6 books and 23 book chapters, numerous presentations and
three patent applications.

Member of the Board

Gökser Havacılık

In 1993, has graduated from Middle East Technical University (METU), Faculty of Architecture BA in City and Regional Planning. In 1996, was graduated from METU, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences MA in Political Science and Public Administration. In 1993, took place at METU Honour List, in 1996 took place in METU High Honour List.

Between 2006/2007, she worked as consultant in EC Delegation to Turkey. Since October 2000, she is Deputy General Manager and Defence and Aviation projects’ Manager in GÖKSER Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret LTD.ŞTİ. Has written and managed many projects of TUBITAK, KOSGEB and EU.  Has been awarded for two times by Coordinator Special Award in October 2009 and July 2014 by TUBITAK.

In 2015, she has received EU Cluster Excellence Certificate. In 2011-2017, has worked in Ankara Defence and Aerospace Cluster (OSSA) as responsible for cluster’s management, SME’s development and export.  

2007-2019, she has been invited as a speaker to many conferences and panels in Turkey and abroad, organised by companies such  as Boeing, Airbus, and Bombardier. In 2013/2014/2016, for first time in Turkey she has planned and organised international event, included B2B meetings and conferences regarding to Civil Aviation Supply Chain, which was awarded for two times by Presidency of Defence Industry.

Since 2012, has lead industrialization and export process of SME, has written 4 URGE projects for various organisations, and these activities were accepted by Ministry of Trade as the Best Practice.

Since July 2015, is working in R&D projects in TÜBİTAK. In 2018, has successfully realized international event SEDEC, Security and Defence fair, B2B and conference about Homeland and Border Security.

In 2018, became the finalist in category “The Best Project Team” of 6th “Çetin Ceviz” awards organized by Turkish Project Management Vocational Institute (TPYME). In 2019, has got the “Project Manager” Honor award of 6th “Çetin Ceviz” awards organized by TPYME

Speaks Turkish (native), English (advance), Spanish (beginner), and German (beginner). Is married and has one child.

Member of the Board


Bilal Aktaş, who was born in 1973 in Ankara, has the graduate and post-graduate on

Mechanical Engineering. Between 1994 and 1998, he worked as a research assistant in

Zonguldak Karaelmas University. He has started his assignment in Undersecretariat of

Defence Industries (SSM) in 1998, between 1998 and 2007, he has taken part in conducting

and evaluation of the activities in Offset and Local Content Branch of Industrialization

Department. Between 2007 and 2012 he has worked as an expert and Missile System Projects

Group Manager in missile projects. Bilal AKTAŞ has been appointed as Head of

Industrialization Department on January 2012, he knows English and married with 2 children.

Member of the Board


Secretary General