Berteks Tekstil Tic.A.Ş.

Berteks®, which has been operating in the textile sector since 1922, is a pioneer in its sector with 98 years of experience as a family company in the management of the third and fourth generations.

Berteks® offers innovative and contemporary design products for living spaces and outdoor areas. The company’s philosophy is to develop modern, stylish, technical and comfortable products which that are in line with new architectural trends and needs. Exporting most of its production, Berteks® intends to leverage from his long years of experience to manufacture technical textile products with high added value in order to increase its global export market share.

The company specifically works to add new products to its antibacterial, water-repellent, acoustic and flame-resistant technical textile products to improve its competitive edge. Products of the future are created in the R&D Center while the company is transitioning from conventional textile products to technical textile products.

Berteks®, playing a pioneering role in bringing innovative products to the industry, launched its On-Site R&D Center four years ago. Thus, it has made innovative product studies more systematic and project-based.

Berteks®, it offers healthy home textile products that will increase the quality of air, which is one of the most effective factors on human health in all living spaces, control sound and noise that affect physiological and psychological health, and protect against bacteria and viruses in the environment.

Berteks® promises healthy indoor environments to consumers on antibacterial, antiviral and acoustic problems with healthy technical textile products that increase ambient air quality and clean the air.

Berteks® handles the fabrics it produces with an environmental approach in order to protect the sustainable world order and reduce its carbon footprint. It gives priority to environmentally friendly and reusable products both in technical textiles and home textiles.


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