Product Groups


ASSAV Defense Technologies has design and manufacture capability of weapons, ammunition,
components, subassemblies, equipment, accessories and spare parts in modern facilities with
advanced technology in an international standard.
ASSAV LLC operates within ASSAN Group ( which is a leader in manufacturing of
heavy machinery spare parts with its capabilities and expertise of production and is partnered with
original equipment manufacturers (OEM) namely Caterpillar, Komatsu, Kawasaki, Hitachi and Atlas
Copco. ASSAN Group’s products are manufactured at 46.000 m² closed production facility, utilizing 130
CNC and 40 Universal workbenches with over 200 highly experienced and dedicated professionals. Its
products are exported to more than 200 customers over 56 countries in 6 continents thus making
ASSAN Group top three in the world spare parts market in its sector.
MARK 80 Series General Purpose Bomb (MK-81, MK-82, MK-83 and MK-84) Body and Tail Unit
production, including suspension lugs and arming wire kits, constitutes ASSAV’s main area of activity.
ASSAV is also engaged in indigenous production of the bodies of Tank, Gun, Artillery and Mortar
Ammunitions from 40 mm to 203 mm. Production line has been established and production has
initiated. Production capability for all types of spare parts required for tactical/armored vehicles and
tanks falls into our portfolio thanks to the 40 years of experience and accumulation of knowledge in
the manufacture of spare parts for heavy machinery vehicles.

• Design and Analyses
• Machining
• Chipless Machining
• Heat Treatment
• High Technology Composite Manufacture
• 3, 5 and 7 Axis CNC Processing
• Plastic and Rubber Processing
• Steel Plate Processing

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