ARMELSAN is a high tech company especially has expertise at underwater technologies. We have been established in 2012 and have a very good progrees in underwater market in Turkey and will enlarge the capacity all aver the world by having with its domain expertise.
It is a national solution provider in underwater acoustics systems. Company has system solutions for detection, localization and classification of underwater threads like diver, submarine and mine. ARMELSAN showed and and proved its expertise, necessary knowhow and experience especially in underwater acoustic technology during the projects.
Under the very talented company owner’s vision, more than 30 personnel are working for ARMELSAN and most of the very skilled and at least 18 years expertised engineers as well technicians.
ARMELSAN has three different locations in around the country:
Besides these three locations, ARMELSAN’s R/D and main building is under construction and will be finalised by the end of 2020.
ARMELSAN meets the demands of defence industry through its high technical and logistic performance.
We offer an innovative perspective and a professional team that assures adjustments to our customers demands of underwater acoustic systems during the processes of analysing, designing, developing, producing, testing and integration, installation/setup and training for the maintenance and the repair. Our professional team provides successful services and products since its first few years in the industry.
ARMELSAN is competitive and innovative with development of Active and Passive Sonar systems. Aiming to be a leader on matters of defense technologies, Armelsan proudly develops and produces underwater acoustic systems.
The ability to build sonar systems for differnet purposes emerges through years of effort and large team investments. The sustainability of this ability is possible only through the availability of continuous work by specially trained and competent teams
Armelsan, in collaboration with universities, utilizes the most suitable means of technical and logistical methods to meet the demands of the defense industry with its advanced technological capabilities.
Considering various platform and mission requirements ; Sonar System design, Mission effectivity / thread / stealth and signature management analyses, System–System and Platform–System integrations will be provided by ARMELSAN for Warships in the scope of Sonar System solutions.

We plan to make ARMELSAN has an innovative and competitive structure that offers its wide product range to global markets. To this end, we are structuring and forming the necessary manpower.
As we are competing against very strong rivals in the most challenging markets of the world in order to provide new business opportunities for our country and the Turkish Defence Industry sector by using the capabilities and joint forces of our partners. We aim to accomplish these achievements and we will succeed in this way being one of the best examples of the Turkish private sector’s culture of doing business together.

Product Groups

  • Diver Detection
  • Post Mine Hunting Sonar
  • Helicopter Immersion Sonar
  • Submarine Defense War Sonar
  • Low Frequency Active Sonar
  • Side Scan Sonar


Communication and Antenna Systems/ Defense Equipment/ Engineering/ Software development