ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE FOR SAFE & EFFICIENT FLIGHTS ArgosAI is a dynamic and innovative company focused on developing high-performance products and services aimed to solve long lasting problems in the aviation industry. ArgosAI has a strong expertise on computer vision and machine learning which are highly complex “Artificial Intelligence” based technologies.

A-FOD RUNWAY, flagship product of ArgosAI, is a complete runway management system. A-FOD APRON is  an automatic FOD detection and operation tracking system for aprons.

A-FOD is used for runways, heliports and aprons. A-FOD is state of the art technology which uses Electro Optical Sensors and Artificial Intelligence. Besides FOD detection, A-FOD has also extra functions which are Pavement Management, Snow-Ice Management and Wildlife Management.

ArgosAI also adopts its technology in different sectors.  Automated Surface Inspection for Quality Assurance in Textile Industry, Gridline Health Monitoring for Energy Distribution Sector and Drone Detection for Prisons, Special Buildings and Military Convoys

  • A-FOD Runway Management System
  • A-FOD Apron Survilence System
  • Drone Detection System for Buildings & Military Convoys
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